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Tackle The Challenge Of Delivering Health Care to Tourists

Tourists should enjoy their vacation rather than fight bureaucracy. Our Nationwide network of Medical Suppliers such as Hospitals, Ambulances, Private Doctors, nursing system, has proven to all that we bridge the gap between the local system, the Tourists and the Insurance Companies.

  • Urgent Medical Assistance
  • Urgent Care for ALL
  • Consultations With Specialized
  • A Wide Range Of Laboratories
  • Ultrasound, MRI, CAT Scan, Blood tests and more
  • Zoom & Live Feed Consultation
  • FIT to Fly Forms
  • MEDA Forms

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Our Doctors

Our Experts

Leading Team , They Make It Happen !!!


Dr. Anthony Paskal

Surgeon, Сardiologist

Dr. Anna Prasquier

Internist, General Practitioner

Dr. Gilad Eran

Family & Surgeon
Our Departments

Healthcare And Special Services

Our main focus is Medical Assistance; 24/7 Assistance of Refuaa. Medical is Physical and Mental, thus we have expanded our services: From car stuck on the road to translating medical forms, we're here for your ease.

Assistance Coordination

Navigate insurance complexities effortlessly. Our dedicated team assists in coordinating insurance matters in various languages, providing peace of mind throughout

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Accommodation Assistance for Medical

Focus on your health while we take care of the logistics. Our travel experts ensure smooth and stress-free journeys for

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Medical Consultation

Navigate your health journey with confidence! Our expert team provides personalized medical consultations in many languages, to address your concerns

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Doctor Home Visits

Ease your travel experience with our Doctor Home Visits tailored for tourists: Whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing in

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Do you require hospitalization? Let us do the talking! Experience seamless and compassionate hospitalization services with us. From admission to

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Road Assistance

Anywhere & Anytime a Mechanic is here for you. Whether you are in Israel or in the Palestinian Authorities –

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